Midland is a community that fosters art through its support of creative endeavors. Here are a few of these hot spots in the city. Staff Writer Theophilus Rammidi I Ads Coordinator Jacob W. May

Center for the Arts

The Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art is located at 1801 St. Andrews Road and is inside the Midland Center for the Arts. The featured piece is by Sara Clark. The museum frequently updates its exhibits and currently includes art from Solo Awards Winners Sara Clark and Ruth Howell. They also have special exhibits for the Studio School students and faculty, mazes and brain games, Spark!Lab Smithsonian, and Nobody Barks in LA feat. Snoopy by Tom Everhart. Photo Jacob W. May

Coffee Shops

Local cafes such as Espresso Milano and Live Oak feature art by local artists. The above picture features a painting by junior Jordan Deckrow located at Live Oak at 711 Ashman Street. Espresso Milano and Live Oak update their art frequently featuring photography, paintings, and other drawings alike. Photo: Spencer Isberg


Midland is not well known for graffiti, but it does have a few hotspots for street art. Well known locations include The Ledge, which is located just off the corner of Benson Street and River Street and overlooks the Tittabawassee River, and Bailey Bridge at the end of Smiths Crossing Road. The featured art is by an unkown artist at Bailey Bridge. Photo Spencer Isberg

Bridge Murals

Over the Summer of 2018, the Midland Area Community Foundation funded murals painted under two US-10 bridges. The murals are located where the highway crosses over Saginaw Road and Waldo Avenue. They were painted in an effort called Art Builds Midland, and both were done by Mark Piotrowski. Photo Jacob W. May