Humans of Midland High- Roosa Gröhn

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In Finland high schools most people graduate in three years, but some in four, we have five semesters in a year, and everyday we have different classes at different times. We have to take seventy five classes to graduate, but can take more. We have free college in Finland, and when we have exams it’s about how well we write. We have to show your skills, if we do well then we get in, and if we don’t we don’t get in. I’m in a sport high school, so we have the best athletics in the area, we don’t have school clubs or sports, you play on your teams outside of school. When middle school ends we have to show our skills like in running and stretching tests. I got in for floorball, that’s my sport, I have three morning floorball practices a week. Floorball is like floor hockey except with different sticks and a ball instead of a puck.


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Humans of Midland High- Roosa Gröhn