Post Injury

eniors Elliot Moore and Ryan Sisitki faced knee injuries during last years’ season. After months of recovery, which included physical therapy, both captains are prepared for the upcoming season. Staff Writer Amiya Zissler | Staff Writer Brady Woods

Senior Elliot Moore poses in helmet before heading back to practice with the team.Above: Senior Ryan Sisitki poses in his lacrosse gear before getting back into practice.
Photo: Spencer Isberg

During the last playoff game of the previous lacrosse season, senior Elliot Moore came into contact with another player, causing him to fall to the ground. After seeing the athletic trainer, Moore thought he would potentially be able to get back into the game. He soon after discovered that his injury was worse than expected.
“I felt my knee come out of place and I just collapsed, and from that point I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go back into that game,” Moore said.
Moore later discovered that he tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), medial collateral ligament (MCL), and his meniscus in his right leg, requiring surgery a week later.
Moore was required to attend physical therapy two to three times a week at Active Orthopedics. Originally, Moore was unable to put weight on his leg, but after eight weeks, Moore was able to put weight on his knee.
“I think going to Active Orthopedic is one of the main reasons that I have the ability to play lacrosse again just based off of how high the quality was that I received.” Moore said.
Physically, recovery had been easier for Moore. He believes that the quality of physical therapy at Active Orthopedics greatly contributed to the easy physical recovery.
When it comes to skills, Moore believes that he will be ready for the upcoming season. It wasn’t until after five months when Moore was finally able to run. Because of this, he has not been able to condition, which is his main concern when it comes to playing again.
The hardest part of recovery for Moore has been regaining confidence in his leg. It has been a struggle for him mentally to trust his strength in his knee.
“After I was physically able to run, the harder step would be emotionally regaining confidence in my ability, which I feel like I haven’t done a bad job doing.” Moore said.
Head Coach of the Midland Lacrosse team, Joe Stadelmaier, is looking forward to having Moore back in the game. Stadelmaier has worked with Moore since he started playing at the middle school level, and says his work ethic is what makes him a key player.
“Elliot makes the game fun, he has that work ethic you like to see in kids,” Stadelmaier said. “He knows he needs to put his work into overdrive in order for him to come back healthy.”



Seven years ago, when senior Ryan Sisitki picked up a lacrosse stick for the first time, he never guessed that he would spend his junior year of high school as a spectator on the sidelines. On March 17, 2018, Sisitki was playing in Midland’s first lacrosse scrimmage of the year against Northville High School. He sprinted towards the opposing net in hopes to score until he felt something unusual.
“I felt my knee pop and it hurt pretty bad for about three seconds and then adrenaline kicked in, but I knew it was torn,” Sisitki said.
Sisitki tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), which required surgery shortly after. This prevented him from finishing the Midland season, playing travel lacrosse, and playing football the following year.
“I wasn’t able to start running again until summer came around, then I started being able to make cuts around November.” Sisitki said.
Head coach of the Midland lacrosse team, Joe Stadelmaier, has big expectations for this upcoming season, having both captains healthy. Sisitki getting injured during the first game of the season had a very strong effect on the team last season.
“You typically have one to two players that in the back of your mind you’re saying, ‘if this player doesn’t play or I lose him, we’re a different team,’ and that was Ryan Sisitki last year.” Stadelmaier said.
Sisitki’s physical therapist Kate Kusowski, said he stayed focused and motivated throughout therapy. She also believes that his work ethic contributed to his recovery.
“Ryan remained positive throughout his PT sessions,” Kusowski said. “He would ask questions to help him understand what he could and shouldn’t do at each stage of the healing process.”
Over the course of the last year, Sisitki has shown a large amount of improvement. He said recovery was difficult, but with time, the rebuilding of his ACL was noticeable.
“At first, things were very hard, my knee would get really sore really fast so I was icing a lot, but after that, things just started to get easier.” Sisitki said.
In regards to the upcoming season, Sisitki is excited to be back playing with the team,
“The recovery time was really long but it was what I expected,” Sisitki said. “I’m not nervous for the upcoming season now that I can play sports again.”