A Place For All

On March 1, the Drama Club invited ESA students to join them at Central Auditorium for a night of inclusion and fun. Special needs students from all grade levels played video and board games, drew with a plethora of coloring utensils, and sang karaoke with Midland High Students. Exchange Editor Maureen Aloff | Staff Writer Olivia Ortiz

Senior Tim Hackbarth helps Jacob Mead, a student at Central Park Elementary, name his avatar in Super Smash Bros. Mead chose the name Axolotl because that is his favorite animal. Playing video games at Central Park was different from at home because students got to sit on stage and play their games on the big screen. Photo: Maureen Aloff


Battleship, Sorry!, and UNO were just some of the games offered in the board games room. Michael Stark, a student at St. John Lutheran, and Sophomore Emma Massey played an intense game of Battleship. Although shy, Michael enjoyed the one on one interaction with an understanding and friendly peer. They played many games in that room and they were accompanied by about 3 other groups. The board game room also served as a less stimulating environment for the students at the event, a middle ground between the quiet drawing room and the karaoke room. Photo: Maureen Aloff



Freshman Erin Quinn and MHS student Zach Swan sit across from each other in the quiet room working on their coloring pages. This room provided a place for students to mellow out if the activities became overwhelming. Markers, colored pencils, oil pastels, and crayons were provided so everyone could express themselves through art. Photo: Maureen Aloff



Leo Stack sang “You’re Welcome” from the Disney movie Moana at least half a dozen times. He was also joined by a group of MHS students to sing Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me.” Leo’s mother expressed appreciation for the event, saying she was extremely happy that Leo had the chance to get out of his shell and be included in a group event. Photo: Olivia Ortiz



Jared Walter, a student at MHS, also got the chance to show off his singing skills. However, he went a route a little different from Disney music, hip-hop. The crowd loved watching as Jared danced along with a Backstreet Boys music video. Photo: Olivia Ortiz